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5 Ways to Elevate An Outfit

There's no better time to start switching up your wardrobe than at the beginning of the new year. However, there's no need to break the bank buying all new clothes. With these five tips on how to simply elevate your outfits, you'll start the new year truly looking your best!

Layering With Collars

It has definitely become trendy to wear a sweater or a sweater vest over a collared shirt, but I do think that this trend will not become fleeting. Pairing a regular sweater or long sleeve top with a collared shirt underneath makes an outfit much more sophisticated - and achieving layers always elevates an outfit as well.

However, even if you don't feel like layering your pieces, you can simply purchase fake collars to put underneath sweaters to achieve this step, which is perfect for places with warmer climates. If you aren't a fan of collars, you can always try this same trick with a turtleneck sweater as well!

Tights & Stockings

If you're a fan of Gossip Girl, then I'm sure you know exactly where this idea is coming from. Second only to her iconic headbands, Blair Waldorf's collection of tights helped to make some of her most memorable outfits stand out. Her bold colors drew attention to her, but you can also incorporate some more subtle pieces and colors as well to really elevate your outfits.

The Gucci logo tights have been seen frequently online paired with a simple black dress or blazer, adding a feminine yet edgy touch to the looks. Even sheer black or white tights work very well in creating the same effect at an affordable price.

Invest In Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are similar to a signature scent: they lasts forever, are usually high quality, and are your own. Someone's signature scent can say a lot about them as a person -think if they prefer clean or floral scents versus musky or masculine- and I like to think that statement pieces can do just the same.

Personally for me, I usually prefer for statement pieces to be accessories -bags, scarves, headpieces, sunglasses, or jewelry- so that they can be added to any kind of outfit to elevate it. You can always invest in statement clothes as well, but I find it easier to pair an accessory that will work with hundreds of different outfits. The right clutch or scarf can make even the simplest outfit edgy or even classy depending on your preference.

Experiment With Color

Like statement pieces, experimenting with color is another method to make your outfit stand out. Try a monochrome outfit with items of the same shade or different shades of the same color to really elevate your outfit. This idea works especially well for the colors that are most prominent each season of the year. You can even look into what color combinations work well together, typically complimentary colors, to make the outfit even more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to incorporating monochrome outfits into your wardrobe, color-blocking is another method that uses usually bright, bold colors to make an outfit look chic. This trend typically uses two or three colors that are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, which when combined creates a bold look that will surely catch anyone's eye.


This tip definitely isn't a surprising one, but unlike quality bags and shoes you don't have to spend a great amount to find jewelry to help your outfit pop. Plenty of stores have affordable jewelry that is both trendy and well-made. Whether you prefer silver, gold, rose gold, or even mixing metals, try to find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that you can incorporate daily into your outfits.

Jewelry is also a great way to make a repeated outfit look brand new by simply swapping out the color or style of jewelry. The next time you want to quickly boost your outfit, throw on some cute hoops and rings and see just how much more stylish you look.

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