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Bridgerton-Esque Pieces for Anyone Obsessed With the Show

If you binged Bridgerton and wished you could transport yourself into that time period simply for the style (and maybe the Duke), then you're not alone. While 2021 may not be filled with empire-waist dresses, there are still plenty of brands and clothes that will make you feel like you belong in the Ton during the Regency Era.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that I am positive that the Bridgertons, Featheringtons, and other members of the Ton would love:

You can't go wrong with a white lace dress with a beautiful neckline.

Although the ladies always wore dresses, they definitely would've loved this modern bustier.

A bright and floral dress that the Featheringtons would happily wear.

These baroque-style earrings are surely reminiscent of regal times.

Perfect for both the springtime and a sexy take on the Featheringtons' clothes.

Daphne would have definitely worn these pumps in her family's color.

No list would be complete without a yellow floral dress for the Featheringtons.

It's no tiara, but this crystal headband is stylish and makes a statement.

This dress is the perfect blend of Bridgerton blue and Featherington floral.

Finally, are you truly be a member of high society if you aren't seen lounging around in a beautiful robe?

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